Thai temple in Rockport Texas


Antique elephants donated by someone in Atlanta and trucked to Rockport.


Main temple constructed in 1999



Cats hanging out in front of kitchen.


'Bear' waiting with cats to be fed.






Some of the about 20 cats calling the temple their home.


Abbot Watana who founded the temple for the Thai / Lao community and takes care of unwanted animals of all sorts.







Cats eating rice and fish scraps.


The abbot with cute kitty which I would like to see adopted out to a kind person. Call me Mike (512) 423-3490 if you are able to take care of it or email
The Kitty comes with tons of good Karma and the blessings of Monk Watana. There are many other young and healthy cats for adoption which would make good pets. Some of them have strikingly beautiful markings. If you like to visit the temple it is always open and located in South Rockport on 16th street between Hwy 35 and  Hwy 35 Bypass. You can't miss it.